Broadcast Solutions

Broadcast Solutions

More Data, Better Play, More Engagement.
Enhanced brand awareness and customer engagement with Full League coverage with Sentio’s TV Broadcast and League Solutions

Own The League, Own The Data!

Sentio, most innovative Player Tracking system in the World, offers an end to end solution for the Broadcasters and Leagues, thanks to its cloud integrated Analytics Platform and state of art Products; SentioScope®, SentioMobile®, SentioStats® SentioMatchCenter®, Sentio Stats Centre® and Sentio Air®. All in house developed products and arhitecture gives a competitive advantage to our customers due to quick turn key deployment and customization oppotunity. Sentio offers most rich real time data available for Broadcasters and Leagues and for their customers.

True real time tracking data generated by Sentioscope is processed and distributed by Sentio Analytics Platform for the different requirements of Broadcasters and Leagues. Sentio does not provide only tracking data but also provides required technologies to distribute the data for the need of all parties.

SentioStats® & SentioDashboard®

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Multi-platform tablet and phone application which provides real time insight about the game . Engage with the fans.

Multi-platform tablet application which makes real time Physical, Technical, Tactical and Predictive analyses possible for the Coaches, Commentators and League Associations. Winning decision support application is in your fingertips.

SentioMatchCenter® & SentioStatCenter®

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In house developed, most rich Match Centre, designed to enhance fan engagement and to create monetization opportunity. Data is at work.

In house developed, most rich Stats Centre, designed to enhance fan engagement and brand awareness of the League and Broadcast.


72 pages of print report with Physical, Technical and Tactical Analyses available right after the match and sent automatically to the related parties. Centralize performance management and develop the game play !
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SentioPrint Figure 1


Real Time 4k Stitch video enriched with Sentio data feeds. 4K video happens to talk, thanks to Sentio.


Special visualizations for the Live Match Broadcast. Engage viewers with optimized graphics and displays.