Sports Solutions

Sports Solutions

Read the Game with Sentio!


We deliver the performance data in real-time crafted specifically for coaches to make real time decisions.

SentioScope is the player tracking software that processes the game real-time and pushes information to different analytical platforms located on cloud. Sentioscope’s compact and easy-to-use system is designed to perform in rain or shine. With 10 minutes set-up time and only one operator requirement, Sentioscope is the most advanced tracking solution on earth.

Sentio’s setup system can be carried with just one trolley, and can be used under almost all conditions due to its light weight and compact features.


SentioMobile Figure 1

SentioMobile is a tablet application that enables the operator to monitor the system regardless of the location.

SentioMobile Figure 2

It provides flexibility for the operator to work and watch the game from a better view and enhancing usability by reducing the importance of physical conditions of the workplace.


Is a unique tool for coaches and broadcasters, which provides the richest insightful feedback through the game. SentioStats

With easy-to-understand visualization, SentioDashboard offers compact summary of the game, players performance and tactics. Providing full-field view videos for important events is one of the strongest differentiators of SentioStats. Coaches can watch the re-play of important events from its beginning from a full-field perspective during the game. This gives coaches a competitive advantage while giving their decisions.

  • Distance covered
  • Fatigue prediction
  • Standing, Walking, Jogging, Running distances
  • High Intensity Run (HIR), and Sprint distances and respective distribution
  • Team Length and Team Depth
  • Pass Distributions and Heatmaps


SentioPrint is a single detailed document where insightful statistics and visualizations are summarized.
SentioPrint Figure 2

SentioPrint is ready right after the game to enable coaches to analyze physical/technical/tactical performances of the players/teams/game all before the sweat goes dry.

SentioPrint Figure 1
  • Distribution Maps
  • Period based team formations
  • On/Off ball statistics
  • Pass directions & locations
  • Total distances in Final Third
  • Sprints through Final Third
  • Possesion based running distances


Is a desktop solution to make post-game detailed analysis with a combined set of videos and multi-faceted data.

With Sentio4K, coaches can make deep analysis about the game by using the broadcasted video, Sentio4K® video and consolidated physical, technical and tactical performance data.